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About three months ago I got really serious about blogging, internet marketing and SEO.  Even thought I ranked well for many of my sites, I wanted to learn more and turn a hobby into a real business.  I wanted software that could help me rank better and free up some of my time.

After reading through many reviews and talking to friends, I decided on SEO Powersuite from  It was pricey but what I was hearing, this was the one product capable of delivering the results I wanted.

I put SEO Powersuite through its paces since acquiring it, using all four modules.  Even in its free version, it provides a complete keyword search tool (Rank Tracker), content optimizer (Website Auditor), competition analysis (SEO Spyglass) and link building tool (LinkAssistant).

Until using this software, my sites were manually optimized which took hours.  Analyzing each page, checking my competition, building links and writing content was an enormous task.  My time was spent on SEO, not running or promoting my sites.

I tried other tools that promised to automate these things.  They all failed.

SEO Powersuite delivered.

After an audit of one of my most profitable sites, I wanted to see if there was a way to improve upon its ranking.  It was sitting at #9 in Google for some extremely competitive keywords.  No matter what I did, I couldn’t improve its rating and struggled to fight off the competition in this niche.

Website Auditor analyzed my site and pointed out areas of improvement.  It also provided step-by-step list of tasks to improve ranking.  It gave a roadmap of everything I had to do to improve the SEO of this site along with an explanation as to why.

SEO Powersuite uses a very systematic approach to SEO built on techniques proven to work.  Its analysis of my site pointed out things that would have been impossible to notice through manual means.

Many of the changes recommended were subtle, but after republishing my site, within 48 hours it vaulted to #2 in Google SERPs just behind Wikipedia.  This was for my most profitable and competitive keyword.  For the majority of my other keywords, I ranked from #1 to #3.  I’ve easily held those positions for over 3-weeks.

Not only were the improved rankings impressive, the additional revenue from my improved ranking was also amazing.

For another site I was developing, I used Rank Tracker.  I was interested in how well I ranking for my primary and secondary keywords.

It delivered a complete set of keyword suggestions with statistics on search frequency.  It also provided a complete analysis of my existing content including keyword density, effectiveness and suggested search tags in the major search engines.

I could quickly see how my competition ranked for various keywords, compare my ranking and see suggestions for a variety of searches.

It identified trends and word combinations that allowed me to identify several opportunities I hadn’t previously thought about.

Rank Tracker made me wonder how many past opportunities I had missed and how much revenue I had missed in my seven years of doing manual SEO.

Over the last three weeks I have used this tool to identify profitable areas across all my sites and successfully increase my revenue stream with a minimal effort.

I was equally impressed with SEO SpyGlass.

With this tool I could examine my competition with ease.  From the reports provided, I could gain an understanding of their linking strategy, SEO tactics and approach taken in various niches.

It was easy to get a complete competitor analysis full of tips to quickly identify new strategies to not only maintain my own rankings but overtake my competition.  If they were doing something to outrank me, I now had a complete picture of what they were doing and could easily duplicate the process or devise a new strategy to outrank them.

I’ve left the best part of SEO Powersuite for last.

What most impressed me the most was LinkAssistant.  This alone is well worth the price of the software.

LinkAssistant allowed me to specify my keywords and search linking opportunities.  It produced a comprehensive list of links, including items such as link popularity and contact of sites relevant to the keywords specified.

It also provided a list of contacts and the capability to contact the site owners via emails in my linking campaign.

With a complete list of sites relevant to my keywords, LinkAssistant saved me hours of searching.  How cool is that?

My only complaint with LinkAssistant is the lack of strong submission tools.  For me, this is a minor inconvenience.  I have never been a fan of automated submissions.  I prefer doing it myself.  This allows me to build a relationship with the linking site and maintain quality control.

In the three weeks using this software, I have obtained approximately 50 solid links from sites directly relevant to one of my sites and approximately 250 links across all my sites.  These linking opportunities would have been previously missed had I not been using LinkAssistant.

Are there things I would improve with SEO Powersuite?

There are a few things.

The software performed a bit slow when analyzing several of my larger sites.  Given the amount of content and age of the sites, this was to be expected.  However, it is well worth the wait given what this software gave me in return.

SEO Powersuite provided an easy to follow and comprehensive guide to improve the SEO of each of my sites analyzed.  Even someone relatively new to the process could perform the basic tasks asked and improve their rankings dramatically.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

One other complaint is the need to manually enter Captchas.  However, this isn’t a fault of the software.  It is just how some of the sites and search engines respond to automated tools.

There is however, a solution. does provide an anti-Captcha package for a price.  If you are serious about SEO and don’t want to spend time manually entering hundreds of captchas, this is worth the investment.

Another complaint I have is the price of the software, especially if you are running several small sites.  However, when you consider other tools do cost less, they do nowhere near what SEO Powersuite does.

The investment is well worth the asking price $249 for SEO Powersuite Professional and $599 for Enterprise).  It has given me more time to concentrate on site development, content development and family.

The increased rankings and increased revenues have more than paid for the software.

The money saved by having to outsource link building makes this whole package well worth the asking price!

How would I rate SEO Powersuite?

In my final analysis, I would rank SEO Powersuite as my #1 choice for SEO software today.  It is the complete package.  It is easy to use and intuitive.  Best of all, it delivers exactly what it promises and more!

If you are looking for a powerful software package to get you ahead of your competition, you don’t have to look much further.  SEO Powersuite is that package.

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4 Responses to My Review of SEO Powersuite by

  1. John Quarry says:

    Hey Barry!

    Thanks a lot for the info. I was wondering wether SEO Powersuite will do the job. You have clariffied a lot of things. Thanks!

  2. Rob says:

    While the software suite itself is pretty decent.
    Make sure you understand what you are signing up for.
    Once the LIVE plan has expired you have a brick to a software.
    You are forced to pay for the LIVE plan in order to access all old data.

    You should review the LIVE plan as well. Not just the initial purchase price.

    • Rob,

      Would you mind explaining what you’re referring to? I haven’t been charged any extra for the software and have contacted the vendor with respect to this before acquiring it. I’ve been told there are no additional fees.


  3. Rob,

    I’m thinking this is what you are referring to:

    The software updates outside of the Live Plan are included as part of the purchase price.


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