Number 4 out of 62,100,000 in Google in a Single Week

Yes, it is true.  In just one week, 7 days – I’ve managed to have an article rank #4 out of 62,100,000 (yes that is 62 million)!  Using basic search engine optimization techniques I’ve achieved this awesome search ranking – 4 out of 62,100,000.  Doing this in one week is a joke right?  If I had read this claim on a blog or on a website, I would have had a few choice words to say to the person making the claim.  However, I noticed just a few minutes ago that an article that I had written on Link Reputation, was ranking #4 out of 62,100,000.   However, given this ranking, I do realize that there are many other factors that are coming to play.

For those that disbelieve this ranking for a 1 week old article, I’ve attached a screenshot below (click the image to get a larger view).

Link Reputation Ranking


Impressed yet?  Don’t be.  This is not as great as it appears on the surface.  There are many things that are coming to play when you examine this ranking a little more carefully.

The search term Link Reputation had only 110 searches in December 2008.  The chances of this search term bringing profitable traffic to my website is probably very low.

Another thing that I noticed is that if searching for the term “link reputation” (with quotation marks), there are a little over 18,000 results returned and the same page ranks #21 out of 18,600.  Not so impressive!

In addition to this, my default search engine is actually Google Canada ( and when I perform the same search on the .com version of Google, the same article ranks #20 out of 62,100,000.  Disappointed now?

I’ve also noticed that this article has been bouncing up and down in the SERPs for the last week.  It has ranked as high as #3 and as low as #159.

What new webmasters have to realize about SEO is that you will see some strange results like this, especially if you are optimizing a new website on a relatively new domain.  Given that I launched my blog a little over 2 weeks ago, I’m very pleased that I have achieved any ranking at all for any article.  It means that my site may not be in the Google Sandbox as I had once suspected, and that my articles are definitely getting indexed.  These types of results are to be expected, especially the dramatic changes in ranking from hour-to-hour and day-to-day.

Don’t lose sight that SEO is not an exact science and that you see some strange results like this.  What you must do is put it into perspective and recognize what is occurring with the search results.  The important thing to remember is that utilizing some sound SEO practices, you can achieve results similar to this, for profitable keywords.  If you do see results as this, before making some outlandish claims, examine exactly what is happening and understand why your pages are ranking as they are.

It’s still good though to think that you’re doing great with your SEO efforts.  It makes the long days and hard work seem that much more enjoyable!

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6 Responses to Number 4 out of 62,100,000 in Google in a Single Week

  1. The Wizard says:

    My opinion the Sandbox does not exist, I to have managed ranks in less than two weeks for longtail keywords

    If there was a sandbox this would not be possible

    The Wizard

  2. kmjamal says:

    When you are ranked for the keywords not searched by the people what does that mena i have several such keywords which show a million result but nothing when no one is searching for that work.

    • bwheeler says:

      kmjamal, it simply means that it this is a term that probably isn’t going to be profitable for you. the fact that no one is searching for it means that there will be very little, if any advertiser competition. Thus, there will be very low if any revenue at all if you are using using the article to generate money from publisher networks such as Google Adsense. Also means that while it ranks high, the chances of attracting traffic from that search term is low.

  3. Cruise Ships says:

    Actually this is pretty good strategy. SERPs is giving good way for every one who like posting and want to make money from internet

  4. Yes I agree, SERPs take into account alot of parts, including link popularity. However I find whenever i submit an article I get a boost in the SERP’s, this coupled with other link building strategies is essential for SEO success.

    Graham Gallagher

    • bwheeler says:

      Graham, I’ve noticed this as well. In examining what is occurring with the flucuating ranking of several pages on several different sites much older than this one, I’ve seen that ranking improve 3 – 5 places immediately after new content is published. I’ve also seen revenues spike following 3-5 days after I’ve published new content as well. In fact, one site that I had published 2 new articles on just 3 days ago, seen a 50% increase in click revenue from Google Adsense. In analyzing this from my various publish dates, I’ve noticed the same pattern. Interesting.

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