Post Panda Blogging Realities

Many bloggers are lazy and try to take the easy way out when developing their sites.  They ignore their readers, have little or no focus and are blinded by high paying keywords.

In a post-Panda era, these are bloggers that are destined to fail.

The success of any blog comes from gaining an understanding about what your readers want.  Knowing how people are finding your site, what they type into the search engines and how they interact forms the foundation of a successful blog.

Unfortunately, many of the “make money online” and “get rich from the internet” sites want you to believe there’s little to no effort required.  You’ll see the scams promising you’ll make $500 to $10,000 a day if you follow their “techniques”.

The most successful bloggers have a natural writing style.  They know what their readers are interested in and they focus on specific content to reach those readers.  They don’t care about the search engines as much as those self-professed gurus trying to take your money selling their “technique”.

The day of keyword stuffing and using “techniques” to manipulate search rankings is over.  Google’s Panda update eliminated many of the mediocre sites using the shear size of their sites (and subsequent authority) to rank well for just about anything.

Sites that remained on topic and provided quality content built around a common theme were largely unaffected by Panda.

These types of sites continued to offer what people wanted.  The content was well written and added some value.  Sites that acted like the search engines didn’t matter and providing content focused on what the readers want are seeing success.  Bloggers engaging readers on a more social level are seeing more success.

It has become obvious that post-Panda realities for bloggers include quality content and social engagement.

What are you seeing with your blogs?

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Barry Wheeler is a blogger, novice SEO, geek and passionate Newfoundlander. Operating several successful websites and online communities, Barry has started exploring the social internet and its impact on all facets of society including personal life and business relationships. Find Barry on Twitter @barrywheeler and FaceBook or on his website Barry Wheeler - Blogging for Success.
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5 Responses to Post Panda Blogging Realities

  1. Good point Barry, knowing what your readers want is as easy as paying attention to what they say and do. Just like you said, “They ignore their readers”. Reading and interacting with comments, social media and watching which topics draw in the most interaction is an absolute must. Nice topic.

  2. Ardorm says:


    The funny fact that I went through that “make no effort to earn” period, as well. The moment I realized it is impossible, it hit me that if I blog only for the sake of revenue, I should quit.

    Then I watched over statistics and started to write about themes related to the most seen posts on my site. Creating strategies appeared to be pretty enjoyable and now I care only a little about money. 🙂

  3. Panda sure is going to be beneficial for bloggers who aim to deliver quality posts and value their readers. I agree that there are still many make-money-online sites that make people believe that earning money online is easy and it requires little effort. They lure these people to sign up on their programs or buy their tutorials that are supposed to be free. Glad that Panda was made! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Mana says:

    Provide useful content for visitors. That may be the desired google.

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