SEO Strategies for New Websites

Are you about to launch a new website and are wondering about some SEO strategies to use?  If you’re like many site owners you have your site online before giving any real thought about optimization.

Everyday thousands of websites come alive.  Each new site brings new competition and often it’s the search engine optimization strategy employed that determines its success or failure.

You have a brand new site but what do you do to move up in the search engine rankings?

Your SEO strategy should be planned before going live with your site.  Using the wrong approach can result in you spending countless hours correcting problems that could have been avoided with careful planning.

Here are some tips to help you with your SEO strategy for you new website.

  1. Know your keywords.  Before you jump into developing your new website, invest some time in planning.  Often you will hear people talking about targeting long-tail search terms to reduce competition.  This can be profitable if jumping into a passive income stream but useless if you plan on building an evergreen site in a niche based on profitable keywords.  Your keywords form the basis of your optimization strategy.  The narrower the search term, the more competition and the harder it will be to rank.  Make sure you research your keywords thoroughly and set reasonable goals for your SEO.
  2. Plan your SEO prior to your site launch.  Never launch a new website and then consider its SEO.  Before you start designing your site pay close attention to things such as navigation, keyword placement, usability and branding.  Build the technical aspects of the site around your SEO.  This will save you time and energy in getting your site ranked.
  3. Publish fresh content and enhance the user experience.  Content is still very important for the SEO of a site.  Fresh content will attract visitors. The more intriguing the content, the more other sites will link to yours.   It will also prompt your readers to share it via social networks.  Likes, shares, tweets and +1s will impact a site’s ranking and is an indication of a good user experience, one of the factors now contributing to search rankings.
  4. Use an internal linking strategy.  Internal linking allows you to link to your own content.  It allows you to use your own keyword phrases (or anchor text) and provides both readers and search engines a way to find your content.  A well thought out internal linking strategy can dramatically boost your rankings.

While the world of SEO is evolving rapidly, paying attention to these four areas doesn’t guarantee a high search engine ranking for your new website but it does give it a much better chance.  Having a sound foundation is essential for maximizing the chances of your new site becoming profitable.

What’s your best tip you can give about the SEO of a new website?

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