Site Redesign, Impacts on SEO and Revenue

After completing a major redesign of Macular Degeneration Support Canada this evening and resolving most of the issues of 404 pages with 301 Redirects, it is now a matter of time before determining how this site redesign will impact SEO and revenue.  Careful planning went into the entire site redesign, to ensure that the transition went smoothly.

The site redesign presented an opportunity to analyze site content, navigation structure and SEO, as well as improve the overall performance of the site.  With the site occupying an niche dedicated to low vision and the visually impaired, the previous software used presented accessibility problems.  Graphic images and monetization of the site interfered with screen reading software, making the site redesign a necessity.

Migrating away from the previously used content management system designed to maximize Google Adsense revenue  to a more accessible WordPress design does concern me.  The previous software allowed for easy blending of Google Ads into the content which meant a fairly high conversion rate.  With the redesign, advertising is not as integrated because site accessibility would have suffered.  The site redesign struck a balance between user experience and accessibility with revenue potential.

With many of the pages originally indexed and linked from a variety of sources, using proper 301-redirects took a bit of time to implement.  As well, log files are constantly being monitored to address any 404 pages that are captured with additional 301-redirects.  Most of the 301-redirects implemented during the redesign appear to be functioning correctly and on some of the posts, Google has already updated PageRank values on the redirected pages.  I was amazed that this had occurred in under 4 hours of the launch of the redesigned site.

The SEO implications will play out over the next several days (perhaps weeks).  A lot of the content was re-written to better address SEO concerns that had been identified.  Keyword density and keyword proximity has been adjusted in the articles and the total number of keywords reduced to approximately 18-20 keywords / keyword phrases being actively targeted.

While not a major revenue generator for my online ventures, it will be interesting to see how this entire site redesign plays out over the next several weeks.  I have several other sites that are in the midst of site redesigns that are very lucrative and rank extremely well in their respective niches.  This was my first major site redesign and was performed initially as a test on both the impacts on SEO and revenue.

As this site redesign story plays out, I’ll keep you updated.

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