So You Want to Get Rich Blogging?

Blogging Tips for BeginnersMany of my readers have sent messages wondering why I haven’t been blogging on a
regular basis.  Others have sent desperate messages indicating they want to get rich blogging, hoping that I can show them the ‘magic formula’ that other bloggers are promoting.

To answer the first question, I haven’t stopped blogging on a regular basis.  I have simply stopped writing blog posts here on a regular basis.  I have a large network of sites that occupy my time and I have other business interests that takes me away from writing here on my personal blog on a regular basis.

As for the second question I ask you in return “So you want to get rich blogging?”

There is no magic formula, there is no quick way to get rich blogging and there is no system that you can plug into to make you a success overnight.  If you think there is and have bought into the stories being spun by many of the other so-called ‘big name bloggers’ you are doomed to fail.  The sad part is if you’ve bought into one of their systems or purchased one of their products, chances are you will not only fail but you will have spent hard earned money in doing so.

Let’s just break down a typical visit to one of the “big name bloggers” websites.  What’s the first thing that happens?  You get prompted to sign up for their newsletter.  To them, you are an email address that they can legally pitch their products and offers to in the hopes that you will buy something they are selling.  That is the extent of the relationship they want with you.  You may get lucky and they may respond to a comment left on one of their blog posts but their engagement falls short of anything other than “give me your email address so I can legally spam you.”

For the most part, their blog posts are based around “My good friend over at company xyz” or “Fellow pro-blogger has a great system that I’ve tried and had great success”.  It is a constant sell to get you to click a link, buy a product and pad their pockets with your hard-earned money.

I have written about this several times before and one my more popular posts involved John Chow.  It is for that reason that I gave up following the majority of these bloggers.  I got sick of their sales pitches, I wanted to be more engaged and wanted to find ways to help people without feeling like a pimp selling something nasty on the street.  It is for that reason that I don’t collect your email addresses, I don’t spam you and I try to offer advice based on my experiences.  When possible, I respond to the comments, answer emails and try to provide some guidance that won’t cost you any money.

Sure, I utilize lists and have affiliate links that make me money but those are not targeting individuals seeking out ways to improve their quality of life through hard work because blogging (and building an online network) is truly hard work.

If you want to get rich blogging, prepare to work many hours and face several failures before you strike on the formula that works for you.  I don’t have a magic formula to help you get rich but I’ll try to give you a hand based on my experiences in this online world.

What’s your thoughts?  Do you follow the big bloggers or are you sick of their constant selling?

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