Some Companies Understand Social Media Sites

Social Media MarketingIt has become obvious that some companies understand the potential of social media sites. This became apparent to me last evening. After posting a blog entry on my Ford Ranger airbag problems, and then tweeting the URL to a few people, I was contacted by Scott Monty, the head of social media at Ford Motor Company.

The fact that a representative from Ford contacted me wasn’t a big deal. However, the fact that this connection was made through the social media site Twitter, caught me a little by surprise. Many of the major corporations have failed to recognize the potential of social media sites, and lack the understanding of how the changing online world can impact their business.

With my Ford Ranger airbag video released into the wild of the Internet, and having optimized the content to rank for several search terms, the blog entry of my Ford Ranger airbag problems was read approximately 400 times (354 times to be exact) in the first 24 hours released. Scott Monty gets the impact that this can have on a company’s online reputation, and how it has the potential to stick around the Internet. Well optimized content can rank for months at the top of the search engines, and a negative story such as this, can damage a brand (right now the article sits in the top ten in Google).

Ford’s head of social media contacted me through Twitter, and shortly after I was contacted by Ford’s corporate Twitter account and this morning I was contacted by Ford’s customer service. Three contacts in 24 hours when I had spent almost 21 months battling Ford through traditional means to get some attention to my problem.

Here I was now in less than 24 hours and had attracted the attention of Ford Motor Company. Twitter allowed me make some connections in a timely fashion, through a medium I was much more familiar with.

It was impressive that Ford Motor Company understood social media and was using it to engage its customers. I was impressed. Too bad I wasn’t impressed with my Ford Ranger.

With Ford using the social media sites, they have given their marketing and customer relations another avenue to interact with vehicle owners, potential customers and the public. They understand social media. It’s refreshing to find some companies that have embraced the power of social media.

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  1. This is a good story and I think that Ford did a good thing by contacting you immediately. It’s probably easier to keeps tabs on social media and the news than direct complaints held in queue.

    Good for you for boldly blogging about it too.

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