Spirit of Hockey Visits Newfoundland

Spirit Of HockeyThe power of social networking and the Internet to make connections is well known.  This week I have been entertaining two individuals – Brian and Elizabeth Urlacher, the driving force behind Spirit of Hockey.

Brian and Elizabeth are professional photographers and are in Newfoundland shooting for their upcoming hockey fundraising calendar.   Their fundraising calendars are more than just calendars, they are amazing works of art.  Seeing the passion and the dedication that goes into making these works of art is amazing.

Until the Spirit of Hockey team visited Newfoundland, my interaction with them had been entirely through the Internet.  Our meeting was one of chance when I noticed the Spirit of Hockey advertisement show up in Google Ads on my Newfoundland Hockey Talk website.  I found their site, contacted Elizabeth, telling her that her advertising dollars could be better spent with a banner ad on my site that attracted thousands of visitors a day and that had millions of page views each month.  We chatted on the phone, found we had the same passion for hockey and for doing business on the Internet.  The rest is history.

I extended an invitation to the Spirit of Hockey owners to visit Newfoundland and said, if you are ever in this neck of the woods, drop me a note.  Elizabeth and Brian took me up on my offer and contacted me this spring, saying that Spirit of Hockey was coming to Newfoundland to shoot some scenes for their fundraising calendar.

Brian and Elizabeth Urlacher are two of the nicest and most down-to-earth people that I’ve ever met.  Seeing their passion and witnessing their talent has been a pleasure for me.

Tomorrow morning we head to Gros Morne National Park and start shooting some scenes for Spirit of Hockey.  I can’t wait.

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