Start Blogging by Focusing on Small Niches

Do you really care what I had for supper last night?  Are you really interested in where I went on vacation? 

Many people get their start blogging by developing personal sites.  They wander through a variety of themes and topics of personal interest.  Novice bloggers want to accomplish everything with one site, write on a variety of topics and capitalize on every possible revenue stream available. 

Beginning bloggers who fail to focus on smaller niches have blogs that eventually fail.

Here’s why.

Novice bloggers are lured to blogging when they read about people making millions of dollars online.  They read about high paying keywords, passive revenue streams and affiliate marketing opportunities across a variety of “profitable” niches.

They seen an opportunity to make a buck and attempt to duplicate what they’ve read about.

How hard can it be right?

The internet provides information on almost any topic imaginable.  It’s easy to research every high paying topic, write several 500 word articles and post them on a website and collect the revenue.

Well, if it were that simple, wouldn’t we all be rich?

Successful bloggers start small, often with specific niche in mind.  This niche is narrow enough to allow them to dominate their competition and build a readership.  These bloggers are not writing about everything Twitter or in the news.

How do you determine such a niche?

Well, that depends entirely on you.

Your niche should be like your underwear.  It should be personal, something you will own for a long time and be interesting enough to have people talking when they see it.

Having an interest in the topic you select makes it much easier to develop content but keep in mind what interests you may not interest the masses on the internet.  Narrowing your niche also makes it easier to develop content.

Content draws the search engines and readers.  If compelling enough, it will also generate natural links to your site.

It sounds simplistic but it works.

Focusing your niche will give you three main benefits:

  1. Your readers will know what to expect
    For example, if readers discover your site looking for “dog training tips” and find anything but “dog training tips”, they will be unlikely to return or recommend your site to friends.  If they find relevant content they want to return and share it with others who have similar interests.
  2. Branding becomes much easier
    Memorable brands are ones understood by consumers.  Blogging on a variety of topics makes it difficult for your readers to associate a topic with your site. Being focused and concentrating on a particular topic identifies your site with your chosen niche.
  3. Advertising becomes much easier
    When you have a focused blog it defines your audience.  Advertisers want a targeted audience.  Attracting advertisers when your blog focuses on one particular niche is much easier.

Focusing your blog on smaller niches you can quickly dominate and establish authority in.  Gain your foothold and leverage it to build your social capital.  Grow your social influence and expand into larger more profitable niches.

Learning to walk at first is the basis behind blogging for success.

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