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Best Source of Passive Revenue

Several bloggers in my area were having a debate over the best source of passive revenue for their blogs.   We all run about the same size blog network and have close to the same number of readers on our popular sites but what we found was amazing was the different conversion rates we were seeing from these sites and the varying amount of passive revenue … Continue reading

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Are Micro Niche Adsense Sites Viable Revenue Sources?

One of the most popular questions received through my blog is about making money online using Google Adsense.  Some of the questions has come from my series on building profitable websites while others have come from people criticizing me about the value some place on Adsense revenue. There are many people having great success with Google Adsense and micro niche sites.  They target small niches … Continue reading

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Why High Paying Adsense Keywords are Useless

You’re a blogger and you have a goal of making it rich.  You have found a list of high paying Google Adsense keywords on some obscure blog and you know the basics of SEO. The rest is just hard work right?  You can develop some content around those keywords, do some link building and some basic on-page SEO and you’re in business right? Wrong. If … Continue reading

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Google Click Fraud Explained

Click fraud has been an ongoing problem in the online advertising industry, especially for advertising programs such as Google Adwords. Click fraud occurs in two major forms according Shuman Ghosemajumder, Business Product Manger for Trust and Safety at Google.  Click fraud occurs when an advertiser is trying to harm a competitor by clicking on their ads, or when a Google Adsense publisher try to inflate their revenue through false … Continue reading

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