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So You Want to Get Rich Blogging?

Many of my readers have sent messages wondering why I haven’t been blogging on a regular basis.  Others have sent desperate messages indicating they want to get rich blogging, hoping that I can show them the ‘magic formula’ that other bloggers are promoting. To answer the first question, I haven’t stopped blogging on a regular basis.  I have simply stopped writing blog posts here on … Continue reading

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There is no Next Big Thing

Many people jump into making money online hoping to develop the next big thing or develop a strategy to help them get rich overnight. In the online world there will always be something better, bigger and faster.  There will always be a new gimmick, new make money online method or a more profitable way to develop your online businesses. Making money online isn’t impossible.  There … Continue reading

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Post Panda Blogging Realities

Many bloggers are lazy and try to take the easy way out when developing their sites.  They ignore their readers, have little or no focus and are blinded by high paying keywords. In a post-Panda era, these are bloggers that are destined to fail. The success of any blog comes from gaining an understanding about what your readers want.  Knowing how people are finding your … Continue reading

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Why High Paying Adsense Keywords are Useless

You’re a blogger and you have a goal of making it rich.  You have found a list of high paying Google Adsense keywords on some obscure blog and you know the basics of SEO. The rest is just hard work right?  You can develop some content around those keywords, do some link building and some basic on-page SEO and you’re in business right? Wrong. If … Continue reading

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The Truth About Quality vs. Quantity in Blogging

One of the more popular questions I’ve been receiving lately has centred on posting frequency and how many times a day or week content should be published. What’s more important, quantity or quality? Many bloggers struggle with post frequency and there’s a desire by many to write and publish something new every day.  This is driven primarily by the mantra “Content is King” and the … Continue reading

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What Impression are you Leaving with your Blog?

What’s type of impression are you leaving with readers when they visit your blog?  Is it one of desperation?  It is one that says you’re a knowledgeable blogger? Blogging is a social activity.  People who visit your site form opinions within the first few seconds after arriving.  It is no different than what happens when someone meets you in real life. As much as you … Continue reading

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Why Web Hosting Should Matter to Bloggers

Are you using cheap web hosting for your blog? There’s no shortage of web hosting companies available and as a blogger you should understand not all of these are created equal.  However, if you are serious about blogging you should also be serious about the hosting service used for your blog. Just ask Rosalind Gardner, one of the best affiliate marketers around, about the implications … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Improve Your Bounce Rate

Are you noticing people are coming to your site but leaving after reading just a single page? This is what is referred to a bounce.  Visitors to a site leave without visiting another page on your website.  The more people leaving your site after viewing just one page often alarms novice webmasters. Webmasters typically use this bounce rate metric to measure how well they are … Continue reading

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How a Guest Post Submission Affected My Writing Style

After pitching a guest post to Net Profits Today and getting rejected I was a little discouraged.  My article came across as being written for the search engines and while I knew this wasn’t the case, it made me sit back and examine my writing style. A few days earlier I had written an article about not writing for the search engines.  The rejection had … Continue reading

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Why PageRank Doesn’t Matter

Visit any internet marketing forum and you are guaranteed to stumble upon a thread about Google PageRank.  Members will boast they have seen an increase and others will complain theirs have dropped.  Others will wear their PageRank as a badge of honour because it is higher than others commenting on the topic at hand. What is the coveted PageRank value these people are talking about? … Continue reading

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