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Post Panda Blogging Realities

Many bloggers are lazy and try to take the easy way out when developing their sites.  They ignore their readers, have little or no focus and are blinded by high paying keywords. In a post-Panda era, these are bloggers that are destined to fail. The success of any blog comes from gaining an understanding about what your readers want.  Knowing how people are finding your … Continue reading

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Why High Paying Adsense Keywords are Useless

You’re a blogger and you have a goal of making it rich.  You have found a list of high paying Google Adsense keywords on some obscure blog and you know the basics of SEO. The rest is just hard work right?  You can develop some content around those keywords, do some link building and some basic on-page SEO and you’re in business right? Wrong. If … Continue reading

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Why Windows 8 is the Next Big Thing

Windows 8 is coming in 2012 (or so it’s been announced) and Microsoft has taken aim at its competition big time.  What’s this going to mean for bloggers and for tech enthusiasts alike? The biggest change coming to Windows 8 is its touch interface, support for ARM and Intel processors and support for new USB 3.0 devices.  This means the operating system will support devices … Continue reading

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Why PageRank Doesn’t Matter

Visit any internet marketing forum and you are guaranteed to stumble upon a thread about Google PageRank.  Members will boast they have seen an increase and others will complain theirs have dropped.  Others will wear their PageRank as a badge of honour because it is higher than others commenting on the topic at hand. What is the coveted PageRank value these people are talking about? … Continue reading

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What Every Webmaster Should Know About Google Search

Search engine optimization is easy right?  Ranking in Google can be accomplished relatively easy by using keywords and adding backlinks right? Reading many of the “make money online” blogs would like you to believe it’s that simple.  After all, this is their premise these sites use to create foolproof products and services they offer. Understanding Google search and what goes into ranking well within this … Continue reading

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Google’s Getting Social With +1

Google has upped the ante in its bid to compete directly against the world’s largest social landscape, Facebook. With the launch of Google Plus, the search engine giant sent a clear message to the world how it felt about the ever evolving social landscape.  It was evident for some time Google was using social indicators and social metrics in its search algorithm to determine ranking. … Continue reading

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Google +1 Changes the Face of SEO

What is Google+? It is the new face of social networking and is Google’s product positioned to compete directly against its rival Facebook.  It allows users to share content and interact with other users through a +1 button and organize friends in circles that can be targeted with different types of content. Until now Google had to rely upon other ways of collecting social data.  … Continue reading

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Developing Quality Content Means More than Writing Words

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the phrase “develop quality content for your site”? If you’re like most people you’ll make the assumption it means writing a coherent article that’s free of grammatical and spelling errors. That’s one way to look at it but is it necessary the right way.  Does quality content refer only to the written word … Continue reading

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Google PageRank Reduction – Should I Be Concerned?

Google has decided to lower the PageRank associated with barrywheeler.ca from a PR3 to PR2.  Should I be concerned that Google has decided my site’s merit is less than before? For some people new to search they have often been upset that Google has “penalized” their sites with a reduction of page rank.  I was there once but quickly realized the PageRank value displayed as … Continue reading

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Google Will Benefit from Microsoft-Yahoo Deal

When Microsoft and Yahoo struck a deal that would see Microsoft’s Bing search engine power Yahoo’s search, Google came out as the biggest winner right now.  The partnership between Microsoft and Yahoo is like having the chess club square off in the octagon against the fighters of the UFC.  This will be mildly entertaining but let’s face it – the Microsoft-Yahoo deal isn’t going to … Continue reading

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