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Why PageRank Doesn’t Matter

Visit any internet marketing forum and you are guaranteed to stumble upon a thread about Google PageRank.  Members will boast they have seen an increase and others will complain theirs have dropped.  Others will wear their PageRank as a badge of honour because it is higher than others commenting on the topic at hand. What is the coveted PageRank value these people are talking about? … Continue reading

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Google PageRank Reduction – Should I Be Concerned?

Google has decided to lower the PageRank associated with barrywheeler.ca from a PR3 to PR2.  Should I be concerned that Google has decided my site’s merit is less than before? For some people new to search they have often been upset that Google has “penalized” their sites with a reduction of page rank.  I was there once but quickly realized the PageRank value displayed as … Continue reading

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Google PageRank Update Happening – But Does it Mean Anything?

Google is updating its PageRank.  This site has jumped from a Google PageRank (PR) of zero to a PR3.  But does this change in PageRank mean anything? PageRank is a numeric value that Google assigns to web pages based on its perceived importance.  Traditionally, Google PageRank was determined purely on the number of links that a page had from external sites.  However, as the Google … Continue reading

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Free PR7 Links? Google Page Rank Drops PR7 Site to PR4

In an article on my Internet Marketing Strategy website, I had blogged about obtained high PR links from an authority site.  This site had previously held a powerful PR7 ranking in Google, and had many places to obtain high PR one-way links.  I discovered today that this powerful authority site had dropped from PR7 to PR4 in the latest round of updates and that this … Continue reading

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