The Truth About Quality vs. Quantity in Blogging

One of the more popular questions I’ve been receiving lately has centred on posting frequency and how many times a day or week content should be published.

What’s more important, quantity or quality?

Many bloggers struggle with post frequency and there’s a desire by many to write and publish something new every day.  This is driven primarily by the mantra “Content is King” and the misperception around ranking in search results.

Sure, if you post numerous articles on a particular topic, your site will probably rank higher in the search engines.  Your Alexa ranking will improve as well.  However, if you’re posting article after article to satisfy the search engines, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Readers will tell you they would rather see quality over quantity.

They come to your site to find information that is designed to help them improve some aspect of their business or their lives.  They want value for their time and by publishing substandard articles in quantity, you risk driving them from your site.

Readers get tired of people filling their blogs with junk.  They are not going to spend time reading something just because you have written it.  They want to come to your site with the expectation of finding something worthwhile reading.

Many of the people I’ve talked to have indicated they would rather see several high quality articles per week but emphasized there should be some consistency to the frequency of posting.

How do you find the balance?

Coming up with new content, promoting your blog and engaging readers can be overwhelming.  Keeping up the one post a day can be difficult and many new bloggers lose interest in blogging because of the demands they place on themselves.

Finding the balance may mean you have to reach out to your readers and ask them to provide feedback on the quality of your posts and frequency of posting.  Your readers make your blog successful.  Meeting their needs will give you more chances of succeeding.

From my personal perspective, quality reigns over quantity.  Many of the blogs I read, post articles at least 3 – 4 times a week.  Many of the topics draw me deeper into the world of blogging and provide tips and insights on things I’ve never thought about.

Quality, definitely outshines quantity!

What’s your thought on post frequency and post quality?

How am I doing meeting your expectations?

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Barry Wheeler is a blogger, novice SEO, geek and passionate Newfoundlander. Operating several successful websites and online communities, Barry has started exploring the social internet and its impact on all facets of society including personal life and business relationships. Find Barry on Twitter @barrywheeler and FaceBook or on his website Barry Wheeler - Blogging for Success.
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7 Responses to The Truth About Quality vs. Quantity in Blogging

  1. I like your website it is very informative. I used to post everyday and I got visitors but, I couldn’t get anybody to leave a comment or anything. I was wondering if you could take a look at my blog and tell me if i’m doing anything wrong. : )

    • Joseph,

      I’ve checked out your site. It doesn’t seem to have any real “hook” to keep visitors coming back. Maybe you should look at focusing on a single topic?

      Just a suggestion.


  2. Tom says:

    Hey Barry! This is an easy one – definitely quality! Everyone can write mediocre articles using PLR but those who really spend time on writing excellent content are getting lots of traffic and links back.I had the “quantity” strategy in the beginning of my blogging career and it did not work, so I changed strategy and started writing useful and helpful content, how to articles, top tips articles and so on.It takes time and is a lot of work but totally worth it.I have heard that one of the A-list bloggers can spend up to 12 hours for writing 1 single post and he´s blog gets millions of visitors per year.

    • Tom,

      You’ll see some of the A-List blogger’s “Pillar” articles continually ranking well in the search engines. This is because of the time they spend.

      How long do you spend developing your articles?


  3. Ardorm says:


    I had the same case. As a beginner I used to post an article every day and it only helped to fill my blog with something, at least.
    Then I got frustrated and quit; though now I really prefer to post like 2-3 posts per week and this way I even enjoy writing them. 🙂

  4. Sinan says:

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