Think Before Posting that Blog Article

Some people use controversy to draw attention to themselves and their blogs.  People love scandal and controversy.  Controversy can drive major traffic to your website. 

There are even times when a blogger will unintentionally spark controversy that can result in a pile of unwanted attention.

As a blogger, image is important.  You build a reputation from what you write about.  People will associate you with the content you develop and when you step outside the image you’ve established some of your readers may find it offensive while others will find it refreshing.

If you check out many those who are reaping great success from their blogs, you won’t find post after post full of controversy.  However, if you dig into their blogging career, you will find skeletons in almost every blogger’s closet.

Being controversial will get you noticed but here are some tips about using controversy effectively as a blogger.

  1. Use facts to back your arguments.  When making a controversial post chances are it will attract attention from your readers.  Use facts to make a logical argument, keeping things simple and to the point.  While it may be difficult to do, never let your emotions or feelings bias what you write.  Your readers will appreciate factual arguments and will help both you and your blog maintain its credibility.
  2. Prepare for fallout.  Controversial posts can cause the “sh*t to hit the fan” so to speak.  Some may agree with the points you are making but others will disagree with you and will tell you.  Some may even blog about it.  Deal with the negative comments appropriately and do not feed the fire by appearing oversensitive to what people are saying.  Remain engaged and defend your article on merit.  Never try to control the conversation taking place.
  3. Believe what you are saying.  Bloggers who become controversial will often back peddle when things get too hot.  This will destroy any credibility you have as a blogger and will expose your attempt at controversy for exactly what it is – an attempt to drive traffic.  Believe what you are saying and stand behind the opinions you are making.
  4. Schedule your post early in the week.  Give yourself time to deal with what people are saying.  Controversy can linger for days but will tend to die out as the weekend approaches.  Give yourself time to promote your ideas, defend your position and engage your readers.  This can keep a steady steam of traffic to your site for days.
  5. Use controversy sparingly.  Continually using controversy may have some short term successes for you but it will eventually result in alienating your readers.  Your goal as a successful blogger is to build your readership and build lasting relationships with them.  Controversy will eventually drive your readers elsewhere to look for more engaging content

There is no denying the effectiveness of being controversial as a blogger.  However, you should use this tactic sparingly.  This will allow you to remain credible in the eyes of your readers.  It will also make your use of controversy much more effective.

What’s your thoughts on using controversy in your blog posts?

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Barry Wheeler is a blogger, novice SEO, geek and passionate Newfoundlander. Operating several successful websites and online communities, Barry has started exploring the social internet and its impact on all facets of society including personal life and business relationships. Find Barry on Twitter @barrywheeler and FaceBook or on his website Barry Wheeler - Blogging for Success.
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2 Responses to Think Before Posting that Blog Article

  1. Brad Evoy says:

    Hey Barry,

    Great post, I must say. Though, I will say I think your tips apply far beyond the blogging world. Really, such care has to be taken in all forms and fields of communication – so I give you kudos for putting forward a general set of ideals which can apply in many instances.

    As a blogger and pseudo-columnist, I write a local issues focused blurb every week (and in that, I find possible controversy is nigh unavoidable) along with my slightly shabby personal blog. I often find with things I write though that I tend to want to go back a clarify something I’ve said here and there, due to what I later feel is a poor use of language and a lack of clarity. I’m always kinda nervous that folks might perceive it as back-peddling, so I try to be as straight-forward on such matters as I can.

    The fact is though, as you point out, that dealing with controversial matters in a blog or anywhere can lead to both praise and discord, you’ve just got to have a thick enough skin to deal with everything and treat all statements with respect. We’re all nothing without our readership. 🙂

    Thanks for the great read,
    – Brad.

    • Brad,

      Thanks for the great comments. As a blogger, you will always find you’re being pulled in many directions. I’m not one to shy away from controversy but I do it very openly and in my own name as you’re probably aware. It means you have to have think skin as you’ve said.

      There’s been few people who have been more than critical with me but as I’ve said in my article, stick to the facts and try to avoid letting emotions playing a role. It is difficult at times and I’ve learned the hard way and have had to eat a bit of crow in my blogging / social media career.

      The important thing is being true to what you believe in at the end of the day!

      And oh, love your column! Take great interest in it each week.


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