Tips for Improving Your Blog and Engaging your Readers

Are you looking to improve you0r blog?  Are you looking at ways to engage your readers?

Why not do both by having your readers suggest ways you can improve things or what they would like to see available on your blog?

It’s a novel idea that has the potential to pay major social dividends for you.

While it may sound strange to reach out to your readers when you’re struggling with improving your blog, this is actually one of the easiest and most effective ways in doing it.

Blogging isn’t all about writing great content.  In order to be successful you have to form relationships with your readers.  If you are looking for input into what you’re doing well and what needs improvement, don’t forget to ask your readers.

Your readers are your most important asset as a blogger.  Without them you will be simply writing content no one is reading or interested in.

Providing your readers with an opportunity to tell you what they are looking for and where you might improve things provides valuable insight and does wonders at building relationships.  It shows your willingness to reach out to your readers.

You make them feel like they are a part of a community where they have some input into what is happening.

How do you ask your readers about ways to improve your blog?

At first this may seem scary and difficult to do, but here’s four simple and practical ways to ask your readers.

  1. Read Your Comments
    Your readers will leave comments on particular articles or ask questions.  It can provide an insight on which posts were most engaging to your readers and provide you with ideas for more content.  You can also write a post to solicit comments about your blog and explicitly ask for suggestions.
  2. Create a Poll
    Polls make it easy for your readers to participate and provide feedback about your blog.  By presenting your readers with some ideas you may be mulling over, a poll gives your readers a quick way to steer you in the right direction.
  3. Connect via the Social Networks
    Social networks will allow you to reach out to your readers and receive instant feedback.  You can reach out on a much more personal level, ask questions, and monitor your content distribution.
  4. Offer a Survey and Offer a Prize for Participants
    One of the best mechanisms for collecting feedback from your readers is by utilizing a survey.  You can ask specific questions on a variety of topics and allow your readers the opportunity to answer.  Surveys are like polls on steroids and will generally cover more topics and require more time to complete.  Unfortunately, completion rates are usually lower for surveys than polls but you can entice participation by offering up an inexpensive prize.

 Once you have reader feedback, you can implement any ideas or suggestions for improvement that make sense for your blog.  Don’t try to implement everything or implement radical changes.

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