Tips for Using Twitter

Imagine having immediate access to all your customers, readers and acquaintances in an instant.  Imagine being able to send targeted messages to people who have an interest in what you are saying.

Welcome to what Twitter has to offer you.

Twitter is an amazing marketing tool if used correctly.  Not only does it allow you to reach out and engage your followers but it allows you to track relevant trends as they occur in real time.

Twitter provides a mechanism to increase your social influence and your authority in your chosen niche, especially if used to engage those who opt to follow you.  However, the key however, is utilizing the power of Twitter correctly and not using as a mechanism to become a self-promoter.

This doesn’t mean you should never use Twitter for self-promotion.  Twitter is still a social medium and if you continually promote your own wares you will lose credibility.

The key is offering a balanced perspective in how you see things and to reach out and actively engage followers.  Twitter is a two way medium for direct communication.

So how do you use Twitter effectively?

Here are some things to think about when using Twitter:

  • Use Twitter to determine what people are saying and gauge what is happening in the “now” online
  • Use Twitter to connect with readers
  • Use Twitter as a two-way communications medium where appropriate
  • Use Twitter to find opportunities to network with others in your niche
  • Use Twitter to stay up-to-date with those you follow
  • Use Twitter to promote causes and business opportunities
  • Use Twitter to promote others

Remember, Twitter is the “here and now” online.  If you use it effectively, you will not only increase your social influence but your authority.

How are you using Twitter?

I would love it if you share some of your Twitter tips!

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