Today I Revisted – Same Crap, Different Day

After blogging about why John Chow’s Automatic Twitter Follower service was crap in January, I made a decision to stop reading some of the more notable bloggers.

I dropped sites such as, and from the sites that I regularly read because these sites were simply recycling content I could easily find elsewhere.  Plus I was sick of these individuals promoting how they made money to suck readers into subscribing to their lists, buying their products/services or being referred to a “friend” of theirs who happened to have a product/service to help me make more money online.

Today, I revisited for the first time in over four months.  It was the same crap, just a different day.

Nothing had changed in four months and if anything, it had gotten worst.  Here was John Chow promoting his “friends” and their “ebooks” that would help me make money online and as always, the titles of his posts were enough to suck in any novice blogger.

How could anyone not want to get a free ebook telling you step-by-step how to be a six-figure blogger?

There is no denying the success of these bloggers at making money.  However, people have to realize and understand the strategy they employ.

They create pseudo-helpful ebooks, products and services.  They write catchy blog posts promising to show you step-by-step how to make the same money they have .  They capture your email address in the process of giving you this “free” information.  They hammer away at your email address with every known product/service they are affiliated with.

The problem is most of this information is available for free on other less popular blogs and you won’t have to give up your email address to get it.

There is no easy way to make money online.  It is hard work.

There is however, proven techniques that will make you money online.  John Chow and these other bloggers have perfected this technique.

Many of John Chow’s readers are aware of what’s taking place at  Just look at some of the comments:

If I knew it was worthwhile, I’d give the guy my email address, but another list coming to me every day to BUY BUY BUY for no real value to me is kind of annoying.

It was kinda inevitable, wasn’t it? The much touted Internet marketing recipe is for a free ebook to be given away in exchange for an email sign-up. Building the email list is key here to having an audience for future offers

…why do you always recommend other bloggers’s service or products?

Downloaded and went through the Ebook on your recommendation john(via twitter). Most of the stuff shared is recycled content and loads of affiliate links in report (i don’t mind a few but they are too many).
Even though people realize what is happening, they continue to flock to these professional bloggers like sheep.  It amazes me how writing about your success can make you both famous and more successful.

Remember the next time you visit one of the sites run by these bloggers – you are a piece of their formula to make money.  If it says it’s free, there’s a catch and you will have to pay somewhere in the future, whether it be with your time, your email address or credit card.

But as John says in response to one of the comments left on his site “You know, you can always unsub from the email list at any time afterward.”

It’s like he really wants you to unsubscribe!

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