Twitter is Over Capacity – Too Many Tweets

Twitter is Over CapacityHow popular is Twitter?  If the error message Twitter is over Capacity is any indication Twitter is probably one of the busiest sites on the Internet right now.

With many of the popular social networking and social media sites, there are very few times that I can remember experiencing an “outage” brought on by traffic.  However, the shear growth in popularity of Twitter has resulted in the nagging message Twitter is Over Capacity appear more than once in the last several days.

Twitter has caught the attention of many people, including investors and marketers as they try to capitalize on the next big thing on the net.  There’s no denying the marketing potential of Twitter and the potential revenue stream that this can bring this phenomenon once they determine the correct way to monetize the site.

This has rumours galore floating around the net, particularly with a rumoured Google acquisition of Twitter and this is in part, contributing to the explosion in popularity of this site.  I even find myself caught up in having to do the token tweet and tell my limited number of followers what I am doing.

Why should I care when I see Twitter is Over Capacity?  It is not the end of the world, but it makes me aware of how connected our lives and our businesses have become and makes me wonder what the next generation of websites will bring us in Web 3.0.

I see that Twitter is now functioning fine.  Time to go update my status before the dreaded Twitter is Over Capacity message returns again.

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One Response to Twitter is Over Capacity – Too Many Tweets

  1. almir says:

    its amazing how a site thats like a text messaging site took the world by storm because no one saw this coming especially twitter and now everyone on the web has one and it even has google and yahoo in line to buy it

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