Twitter – Marketing Potential on Steroids

twitter-logoTwitter – micro blogging platform that allows users to publish short messages up to 140 characters using mediums such as IM, cellphones and the web – is a marketers dream.  Twitter opens a world to marketers, allowing targeted messages to be directed to people instantly.

What is the marketing potential of Twitter?  Examining the very nature of Twitter it becomes obvious that it is about delivering opinions, events, news and ideas to users who opt to follow other users.  This is the key to its success.  Twitter is basically opt-in marketing.  Users elect to receive updates on things they deem important to themselves.

How is Twitter becoming a marketers dream medium?  The answer is simple.  Using Twitter, marketers can push messages to capatilize on current events.  It is a mechanism for self promotion and here’s the kicker.  Twitter requires user engagement!

Twitter allows messages to be delivered directly to users via mobile devices.  With desktop computers numbering approximately 1.2 billion, the number of cellular phones being used is approximately 3 billion.  Twitter has the potential to reach approximately 300 percent more people than traditional internet marketing.  The shere size of the potential TwitterSphere is a marketers dream come true!  Oh yeah, did I mention that this TwitterShpere requires user engagement?

The power of Twitter for marketing can be realized at tracking and directing the attention of the users.  It not only allows companies to deliver the message, but allows them to monitor how the message is used.  Marketers can get a feel for what is working in the promotion of a company.

Presenting businesses with a mechanism to connect with current and potential customers, Twitter helps promote brand recognition and brand loyalty.  Again, the power of Twitter with respect to branding is harnessed because it allows for a penetration directly into the lives of participants, delivered directly through a medium they have grown accustomed to using.

In its most obvious marketing potential, Twitter can be used to generate traffic to a website.  With the inclusion of links in a message, Twitter can direct visitors to a specific website.  Carefully constructed messages can become viral, resulting in enormous traffic numbers for a website in a relatively short period of time.

Unlike social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter marketing involves two-way audience engagement.  This has amazing marketing potential.

What’s the downside of using Twitter for marketing?

To be honest, Twitter messages can be perceived as being a distraction.  Using Twitter requires investing time and attention.  There is a necessity to be “connected” whether to the Internet or through a wireless device such as a cell phone.  Regardless, of how long it takes to read or respond to a Twitter message, it does take time.

Even with this shortcoming, Twitter should be recognized and embraced for exactly what it is – a marketing goldmine that is waiting to be tapped.  Embrace Twitter correctly and enthusiastically – it has major marketing potential.

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  1. Great piece on Twitter and it’s marketing potential Barry. I’ve made sure to follow you on there to keep up to date with what you have going on!

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