6 Responses to Twitter Suspended My Account

  1. Cory says:

    I’ve run into the same issue Barry. June 29th my account was suspended and the traffic to my eco-social experiment website crashed. I opened a ticket and have absolutely no response from them. I don’t sell anything and haven’t Tweeted about anyone’s get rich quick schemes.



  2. Jinkx says:

    I had thee exact same thing happen to me. I have no idea why either. I also rarely access or use Twitter.

  3. Brad says:

    After spending time and money on my twitter name i got suspended for no reason that i can tell.

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  5. mike says:

    Well I spent day after day posting a message out for people to come to my website which is a music site. I thought, well put in the work to let people know, twitter is free wow and I can advertise. Well seems like they didn’t like it and I was suspended. Perhaps if there was a way to advertise with Twitter by paying $$ they would not have minded. Oh wait, maybe that is the direction they are going next. No more free Twitter? I’m sure if you show Twitter the money you can almost do anything you want in the future.

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