One Response to Unsuspended but Should I Trust Twitter?

  1. Kim says:

    After having my Twitter account mistakenly suspended a couple of days ago, I found this article. I totally agree with you! I especially love when you say that if Twitter wants to be a “service provider,” it needs to start providing a service. If it wants to stick around it’s going to have to stay one step ahead of the game and not be reactive to hackers and spammers.

    Although I love using Twitter, and think of it as a great networking tool, I’m also quite upset that they’d suspend my account for no reason, while tons of real spammers are out there. Seeing as how I most likely have 30 days until my account gets reinstated (and for my entire built-up network to forget about me/unfollow me due to not tweeting), this might actually give me the time to think about if I really want to support Twitter anymore and give it my time.

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