Using Social Media For Leisure and Personal Fulfillment

Those who have visited my blog over the last several months have taken notice to the lack of activity, especially after I made the decision to get serious about blogging.

The lack of activity doesn’t mean I’m not writing on a daily basis or interacting with people on a daily basis.

The reverse is true.

I’ve been extremely busy with several projects, including some branding, social media and relationship building exercises for several consulting clients.  I have also been active doing some of my “Custom Blog For Free” installations and some freelance writing for several websites.

To make things even more interesting in my life I made the decision to return to university and to take more time for leisurely reading.  The latter was entirely for personal satisfaction while heading back to university was a goal I’ve had for years.

In making this decision I sent out as simple Tweet asking anyone if they had experience with any university offering distance education.  Several friends in my social network replied but to my surprise, I received a reply from a gentleman named Michael Shouldice.

The power of social media was shining through and it made me think about what was happening.

He was the online recruiter for Athabasca University – the leader in online distance education in Canada.  Obviously my tweet was picked up in his filters and he made a casual post, enough to peak my interest.

I checked out Athabasca’s degree programs, talked to some colleagues and found it offered a program of study of interest to me.

Over the next several days we corresponded via Twitter and email.  The entire university and staff were extremely helpful, went the extra mile to give me information, answer questions and guide me towards making the best choice for me.

I’m now a student at Athabasca, loving the experience and program in which I’m enrolled.


For my leisurely reading I was searching for something a little different and not a mainstream author.

I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead and zombies in general.  I had somewhere along the way started following Zane Bradey, a new author with a book about to be released called Aftereffects: Zombie Therapy.  The story was simple, there was a cure found for what originally turned people into zombies, but there was a catch – you remembered everyone you ate!

How cool was that!

I started interacting with Zane, found him very intriguing and decided to buy the book.

It was a super read, great topic and made me stop more than once and simply go “Wow, I never thought of that!”

Discovering a great new author through social media was a treat and I highly recommend following Zane and purchasing his book if you love this genre!  You won’t be disappointed.

For those who think social media is purely for businesses, this should prove a different point.  Social media does give back on a personal level.  Being engaged and engaging does pay benefits and establish relationships with real world implications!

What are your thoughts on this?  How do you use social media?

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Barry Wheeler is a blogger, novice SEO, geek and passionate Newfoundlander. Operating several successful websites and online communities, Barry has started exploring the social internet and its impact on all facets of society including personal life and business relationships. Find Barry on Twitter @barrywheeler and FaceBook or on his website Barry Wheeler - Blogging for Success.
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3 Responses to Using Social Media For Leisure and Personal Fulfillment

  1. Thanks for sharing this story Barry. It really is as simple as asking the question. In my social media experience I’ve not only been able to become aware of and assist you in your search but also experienced some great personal interactions with DJ’s, bands and brands I respect, similar to yours with Zane.

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  3. David Jame says:

    Good job! This will help both readers and bloggers to interact with each other at the end of their informative blog posts. Readers can read their own feed back based on the blog posts they have read and at the same time, this will help them build links. ^^

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