Using Video to Improve Search Ranking

Video - Youtube LogoVideo is big one the Internet.  There’s no denying it.  Sites such as Youtube and Google Video are showing amazing growth and have an amazing following.  How does one exploit video siets for search engine optimization (SEO) and use video to improve search ranking?

The popularity of video sites has established these sites as authority sites causing them to dominate the search engines results pages (SERPs).  It is almost as if these sites have been given a competitive edge for search ranking, their video content to show up in the top 1 to 5 placements for most search terms.  Exploiting the authority given video sites means that SEOs can use video to improve search rankings.  Many videos uploaded to these sites rank better in search engines than the video on the original sites.

It is apparent that the search engines, especially Google, is placing a higher ranking value on video.  Many videos that rank well on SERPs has very little external link popularity (i.e. inbound, one-way links) yet they consistently rank well.  Is Google using the authority of the video site to rank these videos or is it using other factors in its ranking such as user engagement?  Regardless, this ranking phenomenon that causes video to improve search ranking can be exploited (or abused) by SEOs.

Video is no different than any other web content.  For those SEOs looking at using video to improve search ranking, the same basic principles should be applied to video content as it would for any other content.  Video content has to be fresh, unique and of high quality to be an effective marketing tool for improving search ranking.  In fact, I would make the bold statement that this is especially true for video given its visual nature.

When considering employing video to improve the search ranking of a website, the video must be seen to add value to the user experience.  Visitors must see the video as providing something useful and informative, otherwise these individuals will go elsewhere for a better user experience.  Create videos that offer truly unique content with references to (and links to a website), publish this content to the popular video sites and tag the content with several keyword and keyword phrases.

The potential of video to improve search ranking and increase both traffic and conversions for a website is amazing.  Video provides a means to engage customers which can lead to higher conversions.  It is this engagement factor as well as the interactive nature  available (i.e. clickable areas) that can provide a better user experience for the visitor.  Because of this, it is extremely important for a business to understand the importance that video has for their sites.

While the search engines struggle with finding a balance in ranking video content versus text based content, the opportunity to use video to improve search rankings currently exists.  Experiment with video and watch the results in the search engines.  There is no denying the power of video to improve search ranking.

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  1. Video and text content go hand in hand. Now that Google is practically running the show at You Tube we’re going to see a lot of videos come up in the forefront for searches. If you use the right keywords you can get amazing results with video.

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