Village Music Starts Engaging the Corner Brook’s Music Scene

Village Music has been around Corner Brook for quite some time, offering people on Newfoundland’s west coast some of the best selection of instruments, equipment and supplies.  As a fixture in the Corner Brook music scene, Village Music has always been a friend to local musicians, reaching out to both young and old as well experienced and inexperienced musicians for over 12 years.  As a long time “musician” (notice the small ‘m’), Village Music was one of the regular stops when I was looking for strings, accessories or a place to just stop by for a few minutes.  Service was always friendly and you were made to feel right at home.

Earlier this year the long time staple in western Newfoundland music scene changed owners.  The former owner, another fixture in the Corner Brook music scene, Lloyd Bartlett, was close to retirement and he said “the time was right” for him to move on.

Change is sometimes scary and as the owners (Tanya and Sheldon Power) discovered, it’s also exciting.  Sheldon is a well-known musician and member of the performing arts but he’s no stranger to Village Music.  He used to help out at the store before taking the leap from Musician (notice the big ‘M’) to businessman, with his wife Tanya at his side every step of the way.  Sheldon brings his musical experience to the business and Tanya brings the business knowledge (and the looks).

Taking nothing away from the previous owner, Village Music has made major strides in improving both their image and offerings in the Corner Brook area.  They may have kept the name, but they have re-launched Village Music with its own unique brand.  The new owners have embraced social media, launched a website and have embraced the up-and-coming artists in the area with their new cable TV hit (Village Beat) being aired on the local Roger’s community channel.  They have not only continued on with the same great friendly service, they have become masters of social engagement.

Village Beat has become the talk of the town as local musicians regardless of experience level are given an opportunity to showcase their talent.  The excitement it has generated in both Corner Brook and Newfoundland’s music scene has been remarkable.

Not only have they successfully reached out and engaged their market, they have combined a combination of old (radio & TV) and new media (social networking, social marketing, banner advertising) to reach a much larger demographic.  They have listened to their customers and have quickly built strong social relationships based on a name you can trust.

In a business that see’s considerable pressure from the online superstores, Tanya and Sheldon have distinguished themselves by not only being competitive price wise in this niche but by reaching directly to their customers and engaging them where it counts.  They offer great service, great advice and when coupled with their superior knowledge about music, it has become a winning combination.

Tanya and Sheldon have also positioned Village Music for the new year and will be offering music lessons through their new music school that will offer guitar, piano, drums and violin lessons.

Corner Brook’s music scene got that much better thanks to Village Music.

If you get an opportunity, head on down to 30 Main Street, Corner Brook, NL and give Village Music a look.  Chances are you’ll find someone strumming a guitar, pounding a drum, tickling the ivory, squawking a tune on an accordion or just having a laugh.

Village Music, Corner Brook, Newfoundland has everything you can want as a musician and best of all, it’s run by musicians, for musicians.  Here’s their contact information.

Village Music Inc
Phone/Fax: 709-634-7742

30 Main Street
Corner Brook, NL
A2H 1C2

Village music has showed how a business can succeed using a combination of social engagement and new/old technologies, building strong relationships that target not only their niche but the community as a whole.  They truly do get what relationship building is all about.

What’s your thoughts on this type of social engagement?  Is it an effective way of building relationships, establishing trust and building a business?

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