What Every Webmaster Should Know About Google Search

Search engine optimization is easy right?  Ranking in Google can be accomplished relatively easy by using keywords and adding backlinks right?

Reading many of the “make money online” blogs would like you to believe it’s that simple.  After all, this is their premise these sites use to create foolproof products and services they offer.

Understanding Google search and what goes into ranking well within this search index isn’t entirely about keywords and backlinks.  It isn’t entirely about building relationships and writing great content.  It is a much more complicated system that incorporates both science and real user input.

Google search involves a complex algorithm that is tweaked over 500 times a year.  Ranking engineers develope hypothesis around different signals they think will improve search and work to integrate into the Google search algorithm.

Once these changes are in place a series of external people that Google calls “raters” will evaluate the changes and judge whether rankings are more relevant and of higher quality than the other.  It is these live experiments that provide Google with the insights into whether the changes to the algorithm are performing as expected.

What is amazing is Google performed approximately 20,000 of these experiments in 2010 that resulted in algorithmic changes being made once or twice a day throughout the year.

Before each change is implemented into the actual search algorithm used by the public, each change is examined in a launch decision meeting where the actual decision to implement the suggestions are made.

Ultimately changes are implemented to improve user experience and to ensure users receive the highest quality of search results.

Keep this in mind when you receive a message promising to get you at the top of the Google search index.

It isn’t that easy!

Some changes to the algorithm become infamous such as the latest iteration of Google Panda.  However, insight provided by the Google search team in a recently released video shows changes are happening regularly.  You can watch the video below.


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3 Responses to What Every Webmaster Should Know About Google Search

  1. Barry, so in a nutshell, or not so in a nutshell, is Google watching what users do when they land on a site? Meaning are they paying closer attention to how long a visitor stays on a website, and how many pages they interact with while there? This type of thing? I believe this is some of what you are describing here.

    • Elizabeth,

      That depends. There’s so many tools Google has at its disposal one would have to think they are collecting data from many sources don’t you think? Look at how you interact with their toolbar, desktop search, email, analytics etc. There’s so many placed they can get data from! If you were Google and had access to this (and whatever else they have access to), wouldn’t you use it to make sure users experience the BEST search experience possible?

      I mean, where do you go to search? It’s Google right? Why?


  2. Bhangra DJ says:

    I am glad to read this post its an interesting one. I am always searching for quality posts and articles and this is what I found here I hope you will be adding more in future.

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