Why Most Blogs Don’t Make Money

If you are a blogger you have to be making money right?

The truth is most blogs don’t make money and will fail shortly after they have started.  It’s the harsh reality many others will never tell you and would rather sell you something to improve your chances of building a successful blog.

Many wannabe bloggers are led to believe that blogging is a relatively simply process.  They get caught up in the hype of untold riches made online.

Who hasn’t seen the picture of Jeremy Schoemaker holding up his Google Adsense check for more than $130,000?

Blogging is not for everyone.  It takes a certain type of individual to build a successful blog, monetize it correctly and make the kind of money other make money blogs promise.  Yet here you are trying to make money online and improve your chances of making money with your blog.

You know deep in your heart you can succeed at blogging.  You have researched your niche.  You have written great content.  You know how to optimize your site to attract visitors from the search engines.

But you still want to know why don’t most blogs make money?

You’ve heard the successful blogging formula which goes something like this:

  • Write high quality content
  • Optimize your site for the search engines
  • Attract visitors from the Internet because of your killer content
  • Monetize your site and sell ads on your blog
  • Attract sponsors for you blog
  • Sit back and enjoy the blogging lifestyle

This simplified formula works on a very small scale.  Sites created solely around this premise will make some money.  I have several such sites in my portfolio and do quite well of them.  However, you can do much better.

Most blogs don’t make any money because they stick to the over simplified formula.  It is an unreliable source of revenue and as a blogger you can be doing much better.

Why don’t most blogs make money?

Most blogs don’t make money because the blog owner doesn’t treat their blog as a business.

People generally get into blogging because they have a passion for a topic.  They have great ideas and advice they want to share with others.

To make money from blogging, bloggers must treat their blogs as a business and capitalize on their knowledge of their niche.  Bloggers must follow lessons learned from traditional business models and develop a product or service they can sell.  Bloggers must use their skills to become internet marketers and promote their business.

For bloggers to become successful and make lots of money they have to become shameless self-promoters.  I’ve blogged about this shameless self-promotion before coming to a greater understanding and appreciation for what these A-List bloggers do.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at what any of the A-List bloggers are doing on their blogs.

Get the picture?

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