Why Traffic Exchanges Don’t Work

Novice webmasters struggle to build traffic to their websites.  They are lured by scams and schemes promising them enormous amounts of targeted traffic.  One such traffic source that I’ve been seeing promoted more and more lately is traffic exchange services.

Let me put this in plain words – traffic exchange services don’t work.

Here’s why.

Traffic exchange services typically require webmasters to sign-up to a service and “purchase” credits directly or to “earn” credits by visiting other members websites.  They have an interface that tracks which sites you’ve visited and how long you spend on those sites.  They may offer incentives and bonuses but the end result is they encourage members to visit other sites.

The problem is the traffic driven to your site is not traffic that will convert into sales repeat visits.  The incentive is to visit an earn credit enabling members to purchase traffic to their own sites.

This is not the type of traffic any webmaster wants.  Visitors should come to a website because they have an interest in the topic and see a value from the information, product or service being offered.  This increases the chance of building a relationship with them, having them return in the future and possibly converting them into a revenue stream at some point.

Traffic exchange services are also known to ad providers such as Google.  These traffic sources are considered sketchy at best and places the integrity of the ad network in question.  Visitors driven to sites via traffic exchange services are seen as poor quality traffic sources and could technically result in the suspension of accounts utilizing and relying on revenue from services such as Google Adsense.

Building website traffic requires hard work.  Engaging readers is hard work.  Promoting your product and service is hard work.

Remember, taking the easy road by driving traffic to your site with traffic exchange services will cost you dearly and could ultimately damage your online reputation.

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