Windows 7: My Question is Why?

Windows 7Windows 7 is now available.  It’s Microsoft’s newest and greatest operating system that it hopes will correct the wrongs did in Microsoft Vista and hopefully convince businesses that upgrading to Windows 7 is worth it.

Microsoft has failed miserably in recent years to coerce users to jump from a very stable platform – its Windows XP operating system – to Vista.  Users complained that Vista was too slow, didn’t work well, had issues with hardware compatibility.

What did Microsoft do?  Redesign Vista, correct everything that was wrong with the operating system and release Microsoft Windows 7.

People who have attempted the “upgrade” process in Windows 7 have found that IF it works, it can take upwards of 20 hours.  As well, gamers are reporting problems, there are issues with drivers and software compatibility.

Here we go again!

Microsoft in their great wisdom has managed to convince most that Windows 7 is the best operating system it has released.  That will be right up until a major security flaw is unveiled and everyone with a Windows 7 computer crashes, loses data or has a heart attack because they cannot get into FaceBook or Twitter.

Windows XP was a solid and very reliable operating system.  Even with its issues, it simply worked and worked well!  Vista sucked and well, the verdict is still out on Microsoft Windows 7.

Am I running to upgrade to Windows 7.  Not in the next few months.  I will however, continue with Ubuntu and enjoy great productivity.

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One Response to Windows 7: My Question is Why?

  1. Robin Majumdar says:

    I can see from the tone of your article that you had a nasty experience with Windows Vista. I also did – in fact, I tested it for a grand total of perhaps 10 days before giving up in frustration – and I’ve been in many beta / CTP programs for MSFT and other publishers and happen to have a VERY high degree of patience for beta (and RTM version bugs)…

    So, as much as I wrote off Windows Vista (for reasons that Steve Jobs & Apple so eloquently and humorously brought forward in their “I’m a PC” campaign) … I approached Windows 7 with my usual “benefit of the doubt” approach. Not to mention curiosity.

    I was most pleasantly surprised – and impressed. All the overbearing security warnings were gone (the dastardly implementation of UAC in Vista)… the mainstream hardware baseline on modern machines was finally powerful enough to truly benefit from the new UI / Aero features.

    Also of note, the OS – even in pre-7100 beta versions was rock solid – I never had a Win7 crash of any sort, and this was on a variety of machines and environments (home, corporate domain, basic office automation apps & heavier tools such as Adobe CS3 etc)…

    While I’m certainly vendor-neutral and far from being a MSFT fanboy – QNX, Solaris, Tru64 UNIX, RedHat, etc in my background, I also think that they deserve a serious look for what they’ve brought to fruition in Windows 7.

    Is it better value (with at least a $179+ price tag) for home users, compared with say Ubuntu or other *nix packages? Perhaps not, but end user adoption of *nix systems is, unfortunately, nowhere near where it will, should, and could be.

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