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WordPress has become one of my favourite pieces of software.  Switching from Joomla to WordPress has been a snap, with one exception, dealing with the huge amount of comment spam.  My blog is less than 3 months old and the amount of WordPress comment SPAM that I’m receiving is enormous.

Searching through the many posts on WordPress, I am seeing that there are many other WordPress users dealing with comment SPAM as well.  The IP addresses of the comment spammers seem to be pretty consistent.  I’ve blocked the range of IP addresses, and have now installed several plug-ins to deal with the comment spam that I’m receiving.  Hopefully this will solve the problem, or at least put a dent in it.

If things don’t change, I will be switching back to Joomla.  I have better things to do than delete hundreds of SPAM comments from my WordPress blog.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with this?

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2 Responses to WordPress Comment Spam

  1. JPFife says:

    I too use WordPress for blogging. I’m surprised you don’t have the Akismet plugin as part of the WordPress set up. I believe it’s part of the installation, or at least a standard feature. It easy to use too; it stops all comments being posted without approval.

    It’s available on the dashboard.

    If you can’t find it on your set up just go to WordPress and do a search for it. It’s a godsend.

    • bwheeler says:

      I do have Askismet plugin, and it’s enable with the key provided when I registered at WordPress. Still have a considerable amount of spam that gets through for whatever reason. Going to have to dive into it a little deeper I guess. I may have something done wrong but there doesn’t seem to be many options to enable or tweak.

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