WordPress SPAMbots on Overdrive

This weekend there has been a crazy amount of comment SPAM in the several WordPress blogs that I run.  There’s been hundreds of SPAM comments left and they are coming from a variety of IP addresses and cover a wide range of topics.

I have Akismet installed and it’s capturing all the SPAM, but it makes me wonder how successful these SPAMbots are at filling up neglected or abandoned WordPress blogs with useless comments just to obtain backlinks.  Google and the other major search engines probably ignore these obvious SPAM links, plus many of the blogs that are abandoned or neglected have very few readers.  In addition the NoFollow  tag has been around for a while now meaning these links are useless anyway.

The rise in the amount of SPAM this weekend may signal a new zombie network that has popped up spreading their messages of porn, get rich schemes and viagra.  The sad thing is that if these SPAM comments weren’t successful on some level they wouldn’t exist.  Preying on the naive and the unfortunate has become a popular mechanism to make a quick buck online regardless of the legality of the method used.

With the WordPress SPAMbots on overdrive this weekend, it’s been interesting to say the least.  I wonder how many other bloggers are bombarded and what measures they are taking to deal with the SPAM.

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