About Me

For the Paranoid & Conspiracy Theorists Who Visit

Yes, I do mean you.  This is not a site setup signalling a run at a political office at either the municipal, provincial, federal or First Nations level.  This domain was registered almost 10-years ago.  The proof is shown below (but I know you probably will think that this it’s fake).

I’ve also decided to post a screenshot of what the site looked like almost 7-years ago.

You see, I used to blog & make money online.  I haven’t in some time and this site has not been active for some time.  It has become a placeholder while I ponder what it is that I want to do with it.

I thought about developing it as a political blog, but not 100% certain if I want to do that.  So it sits here, vacant waiting for my ideas.

Sorry to disappoint you in your quest for your next big conspiracy.

Who is Barry Wheeler?

The simple answer is I am a husband, father, proud citizen of the Mi’kmaq Nation and long time community volunteer. I live in Summerside, located in the Bay of Islands on west coast of the island of Newfoundland. I am a graduate from Athabasca University, with a Bachelor of Professional Arts in Governance, Law & Management.  I also have Diploma of Adult Learning and Post Secondary Education from Memorial University.  I also have a technology diploma in Business & Computer Programming from Fisher Technical Institute (now College of the North Atlantic). I am a former officer in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment (2nd Lieutenant).  I have owned and operated several successful businesses in the Corner Brook area, taught network design and computer programming at the College of the North Atlantic and worked as an analyst (research and development) in a science research facility.  I was until 2016, a long time supporter of the Newfoundland and Labrador Liberal Party, a party organizer and past-president of the Bay of Islands Liberal Association (we parted ways in a very open & ultimately viral way).

The complex answer is that I am not “just a computer guy”.  I am a highly motivated, analytical, technical and strategic thinker. I have strong communication and presentation skills with extensive experience in strategic development and decision-based support systems. I have extensive experience in designing, implementing and monitoring services and enterprise based operations, with excellent problem solving skills utilizing technology based solutions aimed at improving organizational efficiency and operations.  I can talk about a wide variety of things such as tech, business, policy, governance and politics.

There is even a more complex answer. I am a passionate, outspoken and at times, a very blunt individual.  I embrace the use of facts and data in debates but I am also guilty of letting emotion (I call it passion) sometimes influence my actions and my comments (it is not intentional).  I do try to be respectful at all times but there are some things (and people) in this world that makes this task a little impossible at times.  It is those times that emotion tends to trump facts and data.  Sorry … I am only human.

I primarily embrace Liberal ideologies but see the benefits of fiscal conservatism. This does not necessarily mean that I support either the Liberal or Conservative parties in an election. In fact, I have voted for Liberal, Progressive Conservative and New Democratic Party candidates in my voting history. That does not mean that I embraced or endorse either of those parties’ ideologies but more specifically means that I supported the candidate and his/her work ethic.  The current political ideologies being presented by all major political parties has nothing to do with their original ideologies but are more centered on obtaining & maintaining power (at all costs).

About the Blog

This is a blog of my observations, musings and rants.  It is not a vanity site that necessitates the narcissistic  tendencies some politicians (and prominent individuals) have.  It is merely things that I find fascinating, things that make me pause for thought and things that leave me shaking my head.  While the majority of the writings will likely involve politics, there will be there will be posts on a wide variety of topics, including things such as technology, leadership and sports.  I might just find something amusing or noteworthy and want to share.

I want to explore and analyze things from a personal perspective and where possible support my positions by facts and data.  However, I cannot guarantee that emotion will not enter into the fray.  I am an emotional (passionate) beast and if you have read my short bio above, a blunt & opinionated individual.

I have no doubt that some will call sine if my writings “partisan” and point out my previous ties to the Liberal Party of Newfoundland.  I’ve already disclosed that former association above – heavy emphasis on the former.  I currently have no political affiliation, have no membership in either political party (provincially or federally) and I have been critical of both provincial and federal politics (and politicians).

This blog is about me writing.  I want to write from my own personal lens based on my own observations, analysis and understanding of the issues at hand.  I think that I can do this quite effectively given my education and background.  This is not to say that the positions taken in this blog will always be the correct one.  The observations, musings and rants will be simply largely based on my own personal analysis used to formulate my own personal opinions.

This blog provides me with an outlet to share my thoughts and ideas – there is no hidden agenda or no ulterior motive.